Table Area Complete With New Rug!

Well the table area is sorta complete.  Minus the television that needs to be mounted and the custom cushion I need to get made for seating on the bookshelf, this section is done!  I have been on the lookout for a colorful fun rug and when I saw this on FAB last week I was clicking order almost right away.  FAB is sometimes slow with delivery and my order still says “processing” but today I got a knock on our door and it was a UPS man delivering the rug. I cheered in excitement!
All the cats were excited about it too.  “Mom, what is in this giant plastic tube?”
So we opened it up.  Check out the beauty already.  This is a leather shag rug, all the leather strips are individually attached. 
Information incase you want one too. I think you should get one.  It comes in different colors, even single shades if the rainbow is too much for you.
So we rolled it out and officially all the cats were scared of it.  I think it’s because of the leather feel on their paws, it’s cold, it’s textured.  Do you see how Xanadu’s right paw is up? She basically walked on 3 legs.  She’s silly.  Brother was just walking around it.
Her paw is still up in the air.
I love how it feels.
I love the feeling so much I decided to take a peaceful nap on it.
So then we moved the table, chairs, television, pictures out of the way.  Put the rug down.  Then moved the table, chairs, television, pictures back in.
Doesn’t it look beautiful with the table and the colorful chairs?
*Look closer – Do you see Xanadu? She’s not standing on the carpet, she’s actually standing on the table base, she’s still unsure of the feeling on her toes*
With all of our toys we have it fits perfect.  Matthew thinks it looks like a nursery but I consider that a compliment as nurseries are fun and colorful.  Minus the babies.  Plus the cats.WP_20130307_030.jpg
The leather is all random on the rug, there’s colorful pieces, dark pieces, metallic pieces, pattern pieces. 
*Look closer- There’s a Brother Bear in this picture.  Where he’s laying is where we will get a custom long cushion made*.
I’m really happy with the palette and how it all blends together.  Every time I look over at the area I just smile.

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