CATGOD @ Art Hack Day

This past weekend we didn’t get much sleep because we participating in the 2nd Art Hack Day here in Brooklyn.  We were part of it last year and had lots of fun so we knew we wanted to do it again this year.  The event took place at 319 Scholes where artists in technology get together and have 48 hours to create a piece of work.  At the end of 48 hours there is a exhibition to show what you have created.  It really is a amazing experience because it proves that great work can be done quickly if you have a plan and work towards it.

This year’s theme was “God Mode”.  That meant one thing to us: it must involve cats.  Cats are our gods, we love them dearly.  They are furry little bosses that tell us what to do and how to do it and we do nothing but smile and agree.  Cats, what amazing little people.

Over the 48 hours we modeled a giant cat head in 3D, built it with foamcore and then video projection mapped onto it.  Guess my class I took one week prior paid off, although I didn’t think my skills were going to be tested so quickly! We are really happy with what we created for this and we hope to work with projection mapping more in the near future.  Group high 5 to everyone involved!

You can see the whole photo album here of us making CATGOD here.
You can also see a press piece that the Creators Project did on CATGOD which walks you through it.

This was how the final installation turned out:


And this is Matthew and I the next day getting our photo taken in front of it.  I’m afraid of heights but Matthew made me do this.

Some other pictures from the 48 hours:
Nametags are cool.  Hi.
Everyone gets super cool badges.Step 1 of our @arthackday project.  CATMODE.
This was our 3D cathead that Matthew modeled.We really could use a CNC router right now.  @arthackday
This is Matthew a few hours in.  We were pretty unsure many times if this was going to be done in time. WP_20130301_017
Peanut butter and jelly got us through the long hours.WP_20130301_037
This was 4AM one night. Xanadu had the right idea.  WP_20130301_046
We also made cat cards that people could take at the installation.  As if we didn’t have enough to do , let’s cut out 100 cat heads.  I love making things to give out though. WP_20130302_002
Beginning to create visuals for the projection mapping..CATGOD, almost there.  @arthackday @319scholes
So much hot glue was used.. Matthew has many blisters to prove it.WP_20130302_03920130303002734.jpg
Matthew posing with the cathead.  We ended up giving this to the space, 319 Scholes.  We want to rebuild it, possibly with metal!
That’s me.   Hey guys.

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