Afternoon Snack

This is my favorite snack of the moment.  It’s filling, sweet and pretty healthy taking my Peptides.  When I came home today from a 7 mile walk this was the first thing I made.
1.  Grab a few dried apples.
2. Grab a handful of dried pineapple.WP_20130310_019
3. Grab some apple blueberry granola.WP_20130310_021
Throw some sweetened coconut flakes on top.WP_20130310_022
Enjoy with Jasmine Green tea.
I’m on a big dried fruit kick right now and ordered all this fruit from   I thought it was just a regular company, and then I was blown away by their packaging design.
Imagine expecting a plain brown box and receiving this…
Imagine expecting plain bags and receiving this.   They make me smile enough to order from them again.

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