Pictures Post

I take alot of pictures.  I basically document everything.  Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks that were on my phone that I wanted to share.
We are talking at Pratt tonight, come on out! Follow the arrows.
We gave a talk at Pratt.  Go up the stairs and you will see us!
My hair shadow looks dramatic in this picture.  I’d like  to think that my hair is always blowing.
There is a person nearby that decorates their apartment for every single holiday.  It’s one of  my favorite houses.  If I ever see the person I will hug them.
This is going to be a big strong tree someday.
I had a dreamy milkshake.
Xanadu helped me clean it.
I love BBQ wings but I find it hard to find BBQ wings at some places here, most of them just sell buffalo wings – no sauce and too breaded.  But this place, a new burger place that opened nearby, made them real good.
Cat friend, JAVA.  Persian fluffy man.  He was a bit shy…
It felt like spring..
I made a cornish hen, I probably won’t again.   I should have just made a regular chicken.
Brother Bear continues to become more furry and gorgeous.
That’s because he gets bi-weekly baths. He’s learned to love them.  Ok, not love, he’s learned to tolerate them and me while I wrap a towel around him and dry him.
Easter is all around us.  I saw this duck.  Hey guy.
This is one of the Pratt cats.
We had friends over to have our first dinner at our new table.  I made chicken pot pie, roasted garlic cauliflower and corn muffins.  The cauliflower might be one of new favorite dishes.
DOUGH just showed up.
For dessert our friends bought DOUGH which is a donut shop in Brooklyn. It is probably (not just saying this) the best donuts I ever had in my life.  I ate 1. Or 2. Or 3. Stop it.
We are thinking about getting a new refrigerator.  Man, I can never spell the word refrigerator right.  It’s only right because Windows Live Writer tells me I spell it wrong.
Hanging up THE FAMILY prints. Eventually the entire wall will be covered.
We hung up prints of THE FAMILY on the wall.  There will  be alot more soon! This is a big project years in the making.
Quick dinner:  Buttered Spaetzle noodles, peas, garlic bread.
We repainted our floors as it’s been almost 8 years and they needed some love.
Essy decided to walk on the wet floors then run all over…WP_20130310_027.jpg
Xanadu is just too beautiful for words.WP_20130310_005
I got a brain MRI. My neurologist suggested it and a EMG (later this week) for my headaches I’ve been having and that have been getting worse the last many years.  It was my first MRI of my life and I totally psyched myself out by reading horrible experiences on others peoples blogs.  Turns out it wasn’t too bad at all. 
Matthew made some delicious cheeseburgers.  THESE FRIES ARE THE BEST.  THEY TASTE LIKE FAST FOOD FRIES.  IM NOT LYING! Go to your grocery store and find them. WP_20130306_00820130306144348.jpg
I bought 6 jars of peanut butter because I’m a peanut butter monster.

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