Deshelling Soy Beans

If you remember we got a whole lot of edamame this past summer.  Thankfully it freezes great so I have been able to snack on it throughout the winter.  Today though I wanted just the soy bean itself to put in a pasta dish I’m going to make, which meant I was going to have to roll up my red fleece cardigan sleeves and pop those beans out – one at a time.   This is a really great reason why a little kid would come in handy.  I would teach that child to be a bean deshelling master, then I would tell them mama needs to work on something and put them to work to deshell all these beans.  I would then go into a room, lock the door and take a nap.   But there is no child, so I had to do it.. :(
This is 16 oz of frozen edamame. 
I boil it for 5 minutes, then run cold water so I can touch them.WP_20130317_020
Then I grab a seat because this is going to take a while….WP_20130317_021
One at a time, I push the beans out of the pod.WP_20130317_022
Eventually this would collect almost 1 cup of soy beans.WP_20130317_023
And lots of pods to compost!
Hard work, but worth it.  Feel free to snack as you go along.

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