Garden Thoughts

Preparations are beginning…
Tonight is the first night the broccoli/cauliflower/kale/onions/lettuce/spinach/cabbage/brussels sprouts seedlings are spending overnight outside by themselves.  I tried to talk Matthew into giving them a blanket so they feel safe but he just frowned at me.  Maybe I will take his blanket away tonight in bed and sneak it up to my baby seedlings. 
We just planted them and already we’re seeing the tomato and green pepper seedlings!
We wrapped the sugar snap peas up to add some humidity to hopefully have them pop out of the soil sooner.  None have shown us their faces yet, but don’t worry, I’m checking every single day.WP_20130326_023
We grew these onions last Fall and somehow they survived Winter, without being covered up.  How did they survive? I like to think it’s because I provided them so much love they made it through the cold. We thought they were goners when winter hit, but suddenly they’re beautiful green and growing strong. Go onions, grow.  I won’t eat you but I will still cheer you on.WP_20130324_001
I bought all the Perlite Home Depot sold.  Perlite is light and easy to carry as it’s not soil like most people walking through Home Depot thought I was carrying.  People thought I was so strong I was just carrying 6 bags of this in one hand.  I felt like a warrior.
Home Depot is also selling these garden containers.  So cute.  I tried to talk Matthew into planting all of our vegetables in ceramic frogs this year instead of wood boxes and plastic containers.  Again, he frowned.
This means gardening season is very close when I see flowers in the store…
I used my last bag of frozen whole roma tomatoes a few days ago to make diced tomatoes.WP_20130319_024
This summer when it’s raining tomatoes I will be sure to stock up on frozen diced and stewed tomatoes.  Freezing whole tomatoes is a great idea too.

Are you preparing anything for the Spring garden season?

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