Carrot Weekend

This post is going to be about carrots.  Tomorrow is Easter which means 2 things:  bunnies and the 3rd season of Game of Thrones premieres.  So you get the bunny connection with carrots, but what about Game of Thrones?  There is no connection, I’m just really excited and wanted to tell you.

First, let’s talk about the old carrots.  We planted some carrots right at the end of Fall seeing if we could get another batch of carrots before winter hit.  We thought it was a failure, but look at what was under the soil.
Most were pretty scrawny, but we got some some big ones too.  I am planning to use them in a stir fry soon.
Carrot seeds are tiny so we use pelleted seeds.  This allows for more accurate sowing by hand.
As usual we are doing 3 rows of carrots this year.  We love our carrots and they store so well.WP_20130329_029
Row by row we place the seeds…
Hey, you missed a spot.  Just kidding.
Then we cover them back up with soil, give them a good pat and water them.
See you soon carrots!

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