Easter Breakfast – Eggs in Nests

This morning we had a yummy Easter breakfast with our beloved Pink Bunny.
I made a egg sandwich for myself with some dried fruit – this is  my everyday breakfast that I love dearly.  For Matthew I had a eggs/hash brown recipe I’ve been wanting to try so I thought it would be a perfect time.
The recipe is simple.  It’s just potatoes, eggs and salt + pepper.  The entire “nest” is made out of grated potatoes and then you put eggs on top.
Then we split some chocolate covered pretzels for breakfast “dessert”. I only had one. HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I’m lying.
Pink Bunny got this card for Matthew.
Pink Bunny made this card for me – which is now attached to the side of my monitor.
If you want to know more about the egg recipe – click behind the cut.

The original recipe comes from here.  The only part I tweaked was that I did not bake the potato for 45 minutes in the oven, instead I put it in the microwave on the “baked potato” setting which was less than 5 minutes.

For 2 nests, you will use 1 potato.  For 4 egg nests, you will use 2 potatoes.
Then you peel and grate the potato.  You should do this when it’s cooled down, but I like to life life dangerously so I held the potato in a paper towel. 
You’ll cook the grated potato until it’s brown.  Mine took 20 minutes.
Then you break a egg in each and put back into the oven..
Matthew doesn’t like his eggs too runny so this guy was baked for 15-16 minutes.  Next time I’m going to try scrambled eggs on top instead.
I was surprised by how easy they came out of the cupcake pan as it could have been a disaster.
The sides didn’t crumble apart at all.  The presentation is very pretty for these!

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