Part 9

So I have never been on a roller coaster in my life. Matthew’s main goal (in life) is to get me on one. So we did it as soon as we got into the park. I rode the Raptor for my first one ever. I loved it so much! We rode many more coasters after. Here is a funny video of our ride. In the beginning I am pretty sure I am not strapped in/going to die/going to fall out. I lived, yay.

Oh yay, I conquered!

3862667563_6f95616227_m 3862667617_f8bfea9ce5_m

I had so much fun at Cedar Point, it was the highlight of the trip. I want to do more parks, asap. My favorite coasters were the Raptor and the Iron Dragon.

3862669523_caa0075a57_m 3862669493_009d5f2e68_m

3863451188_1ee8981882_m 3862669129_d63ffcc760_m

3863450220_5f1e8d44d5_m 3862668215_f3852cccc7_m

3863450026_47ba707f77_m 3862668347_41d2b292d7_m

3863450878_014245b817_m 3863449198_72ae2b1bbb_m

3862667299_bf4c10f7dc_m 3862667445_992648b074_m

I also enjoyed Disaster Transport because I felt like I was at a rave.

3863450626_7988f6a6dc_m 3862668975_4015679fe7_m

3862668867_2a35c9d585_m 3862668929_93118ef2ff_m


At night they light up the park, it’s very pretty.

3863451282_054b2b09b3_m 3862669397_295fbf8016_m

I drove a car too for the first time, thankfully I was on a rail because I wasn’t very good and easily distracted by taking pictures.


The water rapids ride was closed by the time we got to it. I was sad because this is one of my favorite rides. We did enjoy the family dryer though with a sun who’s trying very hard.

3862669299_a82bf9b7e5_m 3862669247_b5c8585917_m

Halloween fun. If I had a car, it would have eyes like this.

3862669655_da165412c7_m 3862669621_21b8edb1b6_m

Love you Cedar Point. See you again soon! :-) xo


Back to NYC we go…

3862669875_2428b30e22_m 3862669953_69837d501c_m

3863451714_9f9275b66c_m 3863451610_0c3bae3ba3_m

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