Part 8

We’re at Cedar Point! It’s not raining, it’s not too hot, hooray! Paid for parking, paid for entrance, now let’s get in there.

Let’s cover the cuteness factors before we get to defeating death.

This is the first thing I see when arriving. Oh, wow, thank you.


Look at those amazing loved ones. Do you see those big gorillas? Yeah, we really wanted one, but I don’t think it crossed our minds how we were going to get it back to NYC. Maybe we would buy a storage space and he could have his own home in Ohio and we would visit it periodically? Doesn’t matter I guess, we didn’t win. :(

3862667777_1f4fde9402_m 3863449790_e697d35273_m

3862668013_a6e7fe43fb_m 3862668065_1c460d0132_m

3863449980_052f9f04a7_m 3862668435_d017c13e67_m

These lucky people were able to save some lovely ones!

3862668301_54709b91ec_m 3862668653_790ec7cc62_m

Arcade fun! Game fun! DDR! A really hard level that we completely sucked at. Skeeball, hooray! Another game with an amazing name.

3862668503_80a896b3ed_m 3862668587_7153d058d4_m

3863450308_bf72619331_m 3863451408_d0ed13061b_m

Food! I wanted a funnel cake, but all this Ohio talk made me think elephant ears are the same thing.. they obviously aren’t and I was disappointed by this. One more Icee.. delicious.

3863450094_52456e152b_m 3862669571_70ea3cfff6_m


This is for my dad, the original Snoopy. :-)


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