Part 6

And then it was night time. I’m not used to driving so much.

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We went to Swings N Things. It’s a mini golf, arcade, cars, batting cages kinda place.

3860275626_e6186dddbf_m 3860275674_522e10b545_m

First we played mini golf. I was the only one to get a hole in one. :-)

3860275088_63d034089d_m 3859489523_3d80e19fdf_m

3859489555_fed1a1948c_m 3860275292_82c83acb53_m

3860275248_70a7b238c7_m 3860275118_8d8db91ba5_m

I also won. :-)


Then Matthew hit some balls. I watched from a distance.


Then we went to the arcade.

3860275392_1a8c6c4d4c_m 3859489823_a98bc1ce7f_m

3860275496_66d6b87485_m 3859489919_8ac9c3da21_m


Of course we played DDR!


And then Matthew made this video in the parking lot. I gave his tickets away. :(


And then we went to sleep.


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