Part 5

Then we headed over to Matthew’s Mom’s house to see her, husband, brothers, grandparents, aunts, sister, nephew, friends. It was alot of family. We ate good pizza and I enjoyed the free wifi.

You know those Halloween ghosts that move and make ghostly sounds when you walk by? Well we’ve been wanting them so Matthew went into the basement and talked his mom into giving us all of them. At first they didn’t work, but with some cleaning and loving, they did. YAY!


This is Matthew’s brother, G, he is scared of the Quaker Oats man so Matthew brought him a lid of Mr. Quaker.


The family showed alot of old photos, such as this amazing one. Look who I spotted on the fridge, Wubba!

3860200402_8f6d3ce270_m 3860219

This is Matthew’s other brother, Sean. Matthew was showing him how to use a camera. These guys on the right are Max’s toys… you will soon meet Max!

3860200790_99b5532c9e_m 3859414049_9043efaf0c_m

This is Max. I’m in love with him.

3856471788_d38dc22d01_m 3859414249_f37d1b1298_m

3860200826_b9487b33a7_m 3859414419_5c76923770_m

3859414303_3b648e0aae_m 3859414093_c90a2d23d8_m


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