Part 4

This post is going to be picture heavy.. too my faces. We went to Jamie’s Flea Market on Saturday morning. I love flea markets and NYC doesn’t have a proper one so I was excited (sorry Brooklyn Flea, you’re really not a flea market..). It rained a little bit, but it couldn’t keep us down. I got 5 amazing things for $7! It was rows and rows of endless treasures. I think 1 out of 5 people commented to their friends on Matthew’s silver Y-3 sneakers. Those and my cloud tights were the talk of Ohio while we visited.

This is our car while we were there. It was very blue. Matthew makes up parking spaces as you can see.


Welcome to the family Pumpkin Octopus and Fozzie Bear!! We saved them! I had that actual Fozzie Bear when I was a little girl. Maybe it’s the same one! So exciting. Also, that lady is making me a cat shirt! The shirt was $5!! When she told me the price I stared at her. The Siamese shirt isn’t the one I got, but it’s one I loved. They also had amazing tiger sweatshirts, I was in love with this stand. I almost asked the woman for her email address so I can order things off her. I also got a red smiley face ring that smiles on one side and says "CHINA" on the other. It was 25 cents. And I got a make your own halloween bag, it was 50 cents!

3858903379_7a65e991dc_m 3858903589_ca9a748891_m

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Now a explosion of everything cute, everything I wanted. Click to enlarge. :)

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3858902803_b2c516d2f4_t 3859689982_ea9dfd2438_t 3858902855_15f2b0c747_t 3858902893_435901feef_t 3859690108_d04795aab6_t

3859690158_2961408979_t 3858902997_4009eee2e3_t 3859690288_973b90a69f_t 3858903183_df03d5d097_t 3858903219_6abd4d878a_t

3858903261_eced8076cc_t 3858903337_537790bc0a_t 3858903413_16c28eb370_t 3859690710_2dea098371_t 3859690738_3b5d03ca75_t

3858903615_fca8a33033_t 3859690898_ed0e007a90_t 3858903899_c85ae05d0b_t 3858903967_aa8d308434_t 3859691150_a5453dc2ee_t

3858904055_c7368981ea_t 3859691256_3b09156147_t 3858904119_38cff04c0a_t 3858904215_9ca9de6dfb_t 3859691386_81d95e4c64_t

3859691444_1e29744959_t 3858904293_22b51afd8e_t

Big Brown Bear! That is Essy’s nickname! The picture to the right made me feel like I was in Brooklyn again. :)

3859689890_d9d837099b_m 3858903303_f2e468e6e4_m

Shark Attack! If they had Ask Zandar it was totally going to be mine but they didn’t. :-( And to the right, I will be ebaying to find something like this so I can wear it in the winter.

3858903457_69a303071f_m 3858904321_95934f64e9_m

The cantaloupes are 2 for $1!! I can buy 8 cantaloupes for what I pay for 1 in NYC. The man to the right was playing some type of civ game on a giant monitor at the flea. He was epic.

3858904391_f0dfa19259_m 3859690874_ba2d6448f9_m



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