Part 3

This ends Day 1 for us… it was a long day.

Matthew was raised in Wellington and wanted to show me around, show me his past houses, etc. Unfortunately it was dark out so we couldn’t really see much. We ended up at the Wellington Rec Park which has amazing spaces and light. We’re kinda itching to do a summer photo road trip now, and will stop back here and shoot.

3857279182_e5b1328102_m 3857279238_d54193056d_m

3856489399_83a1aa9de0_m 3856489031_780ba17d03_m

3857279038_f36067b6e7_m 3856488973_7581cc790d_m

3856489013_49f5272e95_m 3856488891_2c31bd7695_m

3856489327_8ec6a4488b_m 3856489641_24bc0a992d_m


The W is for Wubba. The CK is for :-)

3857279386_a0fd398f79_m 3857279332_8cb02c0caf_m

We drove by this home that I had a baby beach/barbecue outside of it. There’s alot of it missing in the picture, such as the mini grill. I wish the family was here.


Then we went to Sheetz and I felt like I was 15 years old again. SLUSHEE!

3857279622_22c1496a0d_m 3856489593_efbfa08ab8_m

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