Part 2

Now in Cleveland, finally.

First the Grandpas needed to take a nap. Matthew too.

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Then we visited the Raders..Grandparents, Father, Sisters, Nephew. It was nice to see everyone again. I don’t think I ever ate this much in my life and it was so delicious (but yet so much guilt eating). It was like have a cheeseburger, follow it up with a hot dog, then some pasta salad, then have some fruit salad with whip cream on, then have some key lime pie, do you want a popsicle now? It was intense. Matthew showed our work and explained what we do. If you’re an artist then you probably know the feeling of having your family not know wtf you do. Verdict on the work: Everyone likes the shoes.

3856905806_156002352e_m 3856905866_37ea0abfc1_m

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Highlight of the night, Pepper! SOOO cute.

3856116245_2929014560_m 3856906040_db1a044ec4_m

Then we went to a grocery store to buy bananas, apples and water. The store was called Village Market and I don’t think I ever met more nice people than I did in Ohio. Especially in Village Market, they were crazy nice, it blew my mind. Also, in Ohio you drive all the time. You drive to the grocery store, crazy right?

Al3856906172_f72e72b458_m 3856116429_2f803ef254_m

In Village Market we rescued a new addition to the family, his name is Wellington the turtle. Village Market is in Wellington, OH where Matthew grew up. :-)

3856116595_0c1c0ee069_m 3856915550_939545503a_m

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