Part 1

We woke up at 5:30AM to catch our flight. It started out good, but ended horribly.

A friend and DS goodies at JFK Airport.

3855835127_977ce3431e_m 3855835169_8e9c3df676_m

Scratched Clouds.

3856624906_917daa3a34_m 3855836897_c7fd8b7078_m

The Grandpas are the official traveling family members. They always fly or travel with us. We take them out and they look out the window.

3856625128_71eace7d31_m 3856624966_b70980e718_m

3855835335_472d69ef0b_m 3856624936_eb0cf8f49b_m

And then things started to go bad. We were descending and figured we were above Cleveland (our destination). We were on a nonstop plane from NYC to Cleveland. The pilot made a announcement and it started out (I kid you not), "We have some bad news folks" – wtf. Way to break it to us that we’re going to die. Anyways, the pilot explained they were having some electrical problems and needed to have a emergency landing right away in Pittsburgh. So we landed in Pittsburgh. We sat on the plane for about 15 minutes and then were told everything was ok and we were going to be up in the air in a few. And then we waited another 45 minutes on the ground and then were told the plane would not be leaving and we had to exit the plane, I guess it’s good that we didn’t decide to fly again. And guess what, no planes go from Pittsburgh to Cleveland so they were ordering us a BUS! This was at 11:00AM. The bus was going to come at 1:00PM. And then we had to bus it to Cleveland for another 3 hours. Argh…

3855842693_d46040cd71_m 3855835283_a934fefa0d_m

3843262832_1568b5b613_m 3856625046_fb74bb1da8_m

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