Meet New Family!

Everyone knows we have a thing for stuffed animals. Our home is filled with them, we sleep with them, we respect them, we love them. So usually when I find one on the street I put it in a bag, bring it home, quarantine it in the closet and then eventually bring them back to life. The 3 most recent family members were all rescued from the street or imprisoned in a store. Let’s meet them as I have pictures of everything…

This is Turtle Shell. He was wrapped in a garbage bag laying on the street. I’m pretty sure he belonged to someone who found him and was going to sell him and this probably fell out of their cart, so when we saw it, we took it and ran. He was rescued in Manhattan, 13th/8th Avenue.


This is little red bird. We entered the subway and he was a few feet from the tracks! We rescued him and rode him home (not literally, he can’t carry us). He was rescued in Manhattan, Spring Street stop.


This is Shark’s Brother. We call him Shark’s Brother, because we have Shark, his brother already. When I went to the Salvation Army and saw my son’s brother (my other son) in the toy section I was extremely happy. When I brought him home I made Matthew close his eyes and then showed him. We cheered and danced around. He was rescued from the Salvation Army in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Bedford Avenue.


So yesterday was the day! I opened the closet door and got these 3 out who were anxiously awaiting this occasion. We skipped down to the washing room and then I explained what was going to happen. This is them on the washing machine as I talked.


And then I loaded some bubble bath for them. I told Shark’s Brother to close his mouth but he was too excited to. Little Red Bird appears shocked because he is.


Then they came out and were all clean, but we had to do a quick dry so they wouldn’t get sick. I almost forgot to take the plastic yellow ring off of Little Red Bird but I remembered at the very last minute. That would not have been a good thing for a mother to forget.



Here they are later that night, enjoying freedom and relaxing on the couch. They are laughing and sharing stories to each other. Turtle Shell is happy as seen by his tail that is sticking up.



SHARK REUNION! 2009! SHARK MEETS SHARK’S BROTHER! A beautiful night to witness.


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