Update on our lovely strawberries. I know you think I’m just saying this because they are ours, but these are the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted.  They’re uber sweet, to the point of almost sour.  I’m more of a strawberry eater than Matthew, but I made him eat one a few days ago and it was a mouth explosion kinda moment.  Very good. :)

photo 2.JPG

The strawberries are growing outside of their coffin box now –  there’s so many runners.  I’m just going to let them go for a bit and see where it leads.


They’re growing out the back too…


I’ve been getting a few berries everyday – great for a nice snack.  We are adding 5 more additional plants/2 buckets this weekend of strawberries to completely fill up the box. :)



To think.. this is where they were 2 months ago. :)

photo 1.JPG

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