Today I ripped up the cilantro plants after I let them go bad.  Why?  Because cilantro turns into coriander, a yummy herb! 

I was at the grocery store this morning in the spice section and saw each of these little packets for $4.


So let’s harvest our own!

After the cilantro turns brown, flops over and turns into seed – then it’s coriander time.  When should you pick? The coriander should be brown and the seeds should almost fall off in your hand when you rub the plant.

photo 3.JPG

Then you’re going to sit on the ground and remove the seeds.  I heard you can put them in a paper bag and shake it too.  The smell is amazing!

photo 5.JPG

Xanadu and Essy were all over at me this time too.. not sure why but Essy wanted to rub her cheeks in it.

photo 2.JPG

Then place your coriander seeds in a jar.  You can keep them whole or grind it if you want.   When you’re ready to use, just take some out and spice away!

photo 3.JPG

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