The Kite Runner

I finished reading (e-book of course) "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hossein a few days ago. It’s very recommended to you all. Anyways, I became interested in the sport of kite running and wasn’t really familiar with it.

Kite running is the practice of running after drifting kites in the sky that have been cut loose in kite fighting. Kites are flown and fought in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and surrounding regions, especially in the Indian subcontinent Indian subcontinent throughout the year and during kite flying festivals. The manja or the kite flying string that is used to fly these kites is coated with powdered glass. Kite flyers entangle the manja of their flying kites with each other and try to cut the string of the other by the pull or release method. The winner’s kite remains flying while the loser’s kite string is cut loose, drifting free with the wind until it falls to the ground. Kite running is the practice of running after these cut kites to try and capture them when they come down; typically the custom is that the person who captures a cut kite can keep it." – wiki

Here’s a video about kite fighting:

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