Snowman Gone Wild

I have a thing for Snow People so when I saw The Smithsonian had an article called "Snowman Gone Wild" I knew it was deserving of a post. Click here to see vintage postcards that snow Snowmen going wild. Most of the cards depict Snowmen as drunks which I think is unfair because I have known many Snowmen in my lifetime and I know they enjoy pizza, not alcohol, but whatever. Enjoy.

From article: "To add insult to injury, the snowman somehow became a spokesperson for any product of an embarrassing sort, appearing in ads for every personal hygiene problem imaginable: dandruff, gas, hangovers, constipation, and bad breath Add this all up and you have a Frosty with a pretty shaken psyche. We literally built him up only so we could, apparently, knock him down and use him as a piƱata. It’s no wonder the snowman turned to booze." Read full article here.



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