Harvest Festival

On Thursday, it was the annual Harvest Festival in Lion City (my town in Animal Crossing).

I was walking through town where I saw this. I thought oh wow, a nice dinner with some friends.


And then Tortimer (the Mayor) said this to me:


I was outraged by this. Turns out Tortimer sent a invite to Franklin the Turkey to "hang out". By hanging out I mean to cut up and eat. So Franklin showed up in our town and was a mess once he found out.


I went back to Tortimer to tell him this wasn’t very nice, but instead he gave me a fork and knife to deliver to the people to prepare for the feast!


Instead of giving it to the people, I made a deal with Franklin and gave him the knife and fork. How are people supposed to eat him without utensils? They can’t! At first Franklin was worried.



But then he caught onto our plan:


So I went back to Tortimer many times to collect utensils. Tortimer is very old so he has no memory. Was I taking advantage of the old? Maybe.


But can you blame me when he says things like this?


Anyways. The tricky part was everytime you got a new set of utensils Franklin would hide somewhere new. So you had to run around and find him EVERYTIME. Sometimes he was hard to find.


Sometimes he wasn’t very good at hiding (I got stung by a bee, whatever).


Other hiding spots (he hid 20+ times):

3071408513_dd5e8c2c17_m 3072243250_080acc938f_m

3072245124_0d8926b54f_m 3072243404_ce878834fb_m

Everytime you delivered the goods to Franklin, he also provided you with a gift for saving his life! They were the Harvest collection items! I played the game for incredibly too long to get every item because often he would give repeat items. I needed 1 item and I was getting frustrated. Finally, he delivered my last item!


Anyways, Franklin survived. Tortimer was angry. I got hooked up with the Harvest set.

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