The Idealists gave us a chance to introduce our work to some people this week.  We opened up the event by discussing upcoming projects and a general thought of what’s possible with working across platforms and general technology insanity that we (excitingly) babble on about.

photo 4.JPG


We are now repped by 1+1 MGMT.  Bonus points of our agency having the same logo as us. :)



Come to the NYU ITP Spring Show this Sunday and Tuesday.  It’s a collection of amazing projects that will inspire and blow you away.  We have a video installation in it, stop by and say hi!


Read a multi-page interview in Bullet Magazine on us.  It’s kinda crazy, but in a good way.



I can’t wait to share all the new projects we’ve been working on.  The most exciting work is the stuff you haven’t made yet, and don’t know how you’re going to do – the new ideas that push you.

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