Garden Update

The garden is in full progress, I can’t believe last year it wasn’t even started yet…


The broccoli and cauliflowers are looking beautiful.

photo 2.JPG

All the broccoli plants have started to produce.  We noticed a cauliflower plant started today too.

photo 1.JPG

We were worried about our tomato plants when we transplanted them a few weeks ago.  We thought growing them from seed this year wasn’t going to work as they seemed weak and yellow, but a few weeks later and they have proven they’re going to be strong tomato plants this year!  We also gave each plant it’s own cage as well.

photo 2.JPG

The strawberries from last year are such thugs.  They have so much new growth, almost like they’re teasing the new plants with it’s brute strength.

photo 3.JPG

Sugar snap peas are great, and all the corn has started as well!

photo 3.JPG

3 pumpkins, 1 watermelon (new for us) and experimenting with potatoes as well!

photo 5.JPG

The strawberries (now you can see how it’s teasing the other 2), some flowers and our 2 bins of carrots.


The full garden this year.  How exciting!!

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