I grew up with computers and the internet. I remember getting my first computer when I was about 12. It wasn’t a family computer, it was the only computer in the house and it went straight into my bedroom (*insert how to catch a predator music*). The first pages I visited were ICQ because all my friends had a ICQ# and I didn’t. The other page was chathouse.com where I A/S/L throughout my teenage years. In the years of ICQ, you couldn’t give a screen name, you had to give them your long, hard to remember, number. Then came the screen name days, where you had to actually make up a identity that would fit your personality into a few characters. Some of us came up with screen names that stuck with us until today, some of us picked a screen name that would only last us a month until we were over that phase, some of us weren’t clever and picked a simple word and then added a chain of numbers after (example: CoolDude8734) and then some of us picked screen names that perhaps weren’t the best screen names to verbally give out in person (example: canirapeyouanally).

Do you remember your first screen name?

My first screen name was "pamela2323" because I wanted to be just like Michael Jordan. I’ve had my current "pamelazzzzz" for quite some time and it runs over to all of my accounts/forum memberships. I’ve always wanted a tshirt with my screen name on to walk around and experiment if anyone would actually write it down and message me, so one day Matthew surprised me with it. Unfortunately I’m a wuss and never did it. One day?


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