2011 Garden

Minus a few plants that we will be adding in, I present to you the garden of 2011! This year we expanded about 2x the size of last year.

I present to you the garden of 2011!!

Everything will eventually have the shade/wind protection fabric on, we need to order more.


We planted the tomatoes and peppers in their SIP containers.


There’s 7 tomato plants (roma, beef, cherry) and 2 pepper plants.


photo 4.JPG

All tomato and pepper plants were grown from seed and love.


There’s 6 broccoli, 3 cauliflower plants.

photo 2.JPG

Also growing some herbs with the broccoli/cauliflower, like this oregano.

photo 2.JPG


photo 1.JPG

This bed has some corn and…

photo 3.JPG

Sugar snap peas! (which I’m currently obsessed with).

photo 2.JPG

Here are some more containers full of delight.. We have…

photo 5.JPG

7 strawberry plants in the orange buckets.  These are my plants from last year, look at how healthy they look this year with their new growth.

photo 4.JPG

The 2 window planters have carrots in them, it’s hard to tell in this picture but they’re there.

photo 1.JPG

Some flowers this year, mostly to attract some bees.

Lastly, we’ll have 2 pumpkins soon enough (seeds have been started inside) and also trying for a watermelon this year.


Hooray! Gardening season is here!

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