The broccoli and cauliflower are looking strong.  They no longer have to be under the green house.

Here are some comparison pictures:


February 5th:

photo 2.JPG

March 17th:

photo 1.JPG

April 19th:

photo 5.JPG


PS. DID YOU NOTICE? WE HAVE WATER ON THE ROOF NOW. That deserved caps.   Last year we literally carried buckets of water everyday up to the roof, it sucked. This year we have a hose!! EXCITEMENT.

We also got some gardening cloth to help protect from the wind this year.  We can raise higher or lower depending on the weather.  Since we are on the roof with this, the wind can get pretty strong.  If you remember the wind killed my pumpkin last August and I cried. 

photo 4.JPG

So windy for the garden today. Stay strong guys! :(

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