Telectroscope to London at Brooklyn Bridge

Celebrating the 125th Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge, yesterday they unveiled the Telectroscope at the Fulton Ferry Landing that lets visitors webcam with Londoners at the Tower Bridge. More copy+paste information "The installation’s creator, Paul St George, claims to have just completed a forgotten tunnel connecting New York to London and, using giant parabolic mirrors, has reconstructed a Victorian-era optical device enabling people on either end of the tube to wave at each other. Presented by the Artichoke art collective, the Telectroscopewill be open for gawkers 24/7 until June 15th. Attendants on hand supply visitors with dry-erase boards to write messages for the Londoners on the other side, at Tower Bridge."

I’m be going to visit sometime in the next few days, but any Londoners want to arrange to be there at the same time and enjoy friendship live time?


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