Sideways Book Launch

Tonight we attended the "Sideways: A Smart Art Project" book launch.  It’s a new SMART book to raise awareness to how we think about the environment, especially in the transportation sense.   The project combines the work of 100 international contributors
in collaboration with 11 international magazines (Dazed/Neo2/Wad/Tokion and others). The book is full of artists working in photography, sculpture, drawing and other mediums that provided work that they thought revolved around the idea of change in how we live and how we can all become a little more aware.   Besides the eco friendly message that we welcome, the other amazing part was that the party was held in what I say was probably the most amazing space I’ve ever been in my life, World Trade Center 7 – 52nd Floor.   They also had amazing chocolate deserts (which had some fancy name that wasn’t "amazing chocolate deserts").

Sideways_party01 Sideways_party05_2
Sideways_party02 Sideways_party06 Sideways_party03
Sideways_party07 Sideways_party08_2


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